SSL Preschool has proudly served our community for over  9 years. We operate like a non-profit preschool and are proud to contribute to our community by donating time or money towards various Langdon events. ‚Äč

We are so excited to finally be operating our valued program in our very own building!

It has been an honour these past 6 years to have contributed over $50,000 towards the functioning our community fieldhouse. We thank the LCA and RVC for allowing us to operate in their facility over these years.

We will still continue to support Langdon events and are a member of the Langdon District Chamber of Commerce. 

When you support us, you are supporting Langdon.

POSITIVE reinforcement is important for children to develop a healthy self-esteem.

Children need an environment that supports FREE EXPRESSION and stimulates learning.

At SSL Preschool we know children learn best when they are having FUN!

We believe children should be treated as individuals and RESPECTED for their UNIQUENESS.

We recognize parents as the primary teachers and understand that our role is to provide a FUN, CARING, SAFE play environment that is responsive, reciprocal, and respectful to all children and their families. When you join SSL Preschool, you become a part of our preschool family.

Community Support