​​​Teacher ​​


Rebecca Zajic​ joined SSL Preschool in 2016. Caring for children at an early age inspired her to pursue her ECE and once she was finished, she knew this was the career for her. Becca’s kindness and understanding, make children feel important and loved. 


Becca obtained her ECE at Lethbridge College and graduated with her Child Development Worker certificate in 2014. She has her First Aid Certification and Criminal Records check. She has a strong desire for continued learning that will enhance her knowledge in early childhood development. 



  • S.P.I.C.E developmental areas for young children


  • Ages and stages work shop
  • ECE conference (nature and the importance of it in the classroom)


  • Training in the supportive emotional competence for young children.
  • It's Okay to Go Up The Slide

Seminar - Parent Link 

  • SAPTA Conference - Jan 2017


The joy I get from seeing this age group learn, 

grow and develop, warms my heart and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to leave a positive impact on a child’s life. This is what inspires me to be a teacher. I currently reside in Strathmore and I am engaged to be married. My Fiance' and I love to travel and we plan to have a family in the next few years.  

Becca enjoys volunteering in her community and getting to know her neighbors and participating in all the great activities her community puts on in Strathmore.



All teachers at SSL Preschool are experienced certified instructors with police clearances, and they carry the mandatory first aid certifications.

​​​​​​​Teacher ​​


Linda Imanse​ joined SSL Preschool in 2016 as a teacher but has been part of the preschool family for the past 7 years. Linda's patience and appreciation for all children  allows them to feel accepted and welcomed. 



Linda obtained her ECE teaching certificate as Child Care Assistant  Linda maintains a current Criminal Records check.



  • SAPTA confrence - Jan 2017


The wonder and enthusiasm that children have is something I wish to capture. Seeing a child delight in questioning, discovering, and accomplishing something new is exciting to be a part of. SSLP has been a big part of my life over the years. All of my children were provided with a memory of positive growth and self-confidence that will not be soon forgotten. I would like to help provide that same experience for the other families in our community.

Linda enjoys volunteering in her time at the Langdon School in the classroom, and coaching three of the outdoor soccer teams along with her husband. She enjoys participating in baseball and other events to support community growth.



 Teacher Lori 

Lori Caron-Kluppelberg

Started SSL Preschool in 2009. It was her love of coaching children aged 3-12 that inspired her to continue her education in ECE. Lori's caring adoration towards children puts them right at ease. 


Lori's obtained her ECE teaching certification as a Child Care Worker in 2009 at BV College. Lori plans to continue her education in this field to stay current with new teaching strategies. She maintains the required First Aid Certification and Criminal Records check.



  • Child Abuse Protocols Workshop
  • Alberta Childcare Ventures "Managing a Childcare Operation"


  • Certified Lego Social Skills Building Therapy Coach
  • Dan Hodgins - Changing the Classroom, Not the Child Seminar


  • SAPTA Conference 2016

Play, Participate & Possibilities, How to teach Music, Dance & Movement in the classroom, Classroom management, Behaviour Strategies and Routines.

  • Workshops (Big Plans for Little Kids & I'm for Kids) 
  • It's Okay to Go Up The Slide Seminar - Parent Link 
  • SAPTA Conference Jan 2017


My love for children of all abilities reminds me of how wonderful it is to be a child and how blessed I am to be a part of their early learning experience.

I am dedicated to ensuring our cherished preschool maintains its quality & affordability for my community. 

I love Langdon and value everyone who has helped in our success. 

When you enroll at SSL preschool, you become part of our preschool family. When I spot a past student, I am thrilled to see how much they have grown and think, how wonderful it was to have been a part of that process.  


Lori has done some volunteer work while on both the LCA and LDCC in recent years. Lori continues to support many child related groups within her community.

Teacher ​​


Christa Erickson joined SSL Preschool in 2016 originally as an aide worker with Big Plans For Little Kids. She enjoyed being in the classroom so much she decided to also join us as a part-time teacher. 


 Christa has worked as an Educational Assistant for 10 years. She started in Grande Prairie and then worked in Okotoks at St. Mary's school. Her experience ranges from preschool aged upto grade six. Christa maintains a current Criminal Records check.



As a mother of one, I appreciate the joy of how children are always are coming up with new ways to make you laugh and smile. 



Christa resides in Langdon and currently sits on the Parent Board at Sarah Thompson School.