Lori, I just wanted to mention that it has been so nice to be a participant with your program. I visit a lot of preschools and your preschool in particular stands out in a wonderful way! I really appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere that your program projects; not only to adult visitors, but also to the children who attend. I can really see that the children feel safe that their thoughts and good choices are welcomed and that their ideas matter! this is lovely to observe; the community is blessed to have your program in their town : )

Jennifer Wiebe

Educational Coordinator, B.Ed

Big Plans for Little Kids Ltd.

Since we have enrolled our child at Stepping Stones Preschool Langdon, we have noticed how much our child has benefited from her classes.  She is so happy to learn and to continue learning.  She looks forward to going to school and learning more every class, to see and play with her new friends whom also reside in our community.  After every class she is eager to tell us all about her lessons and what she learned and to continue to practice her lessons at home, ALL ON HER OWN!!!  She LOVES her school and what it has to offer.  As a parent I couldn't be more happy with her success.

I believe that having a preschool within our community is important for our children's development...socially, intellectually, and personally.  It also promotes community involvement and allows our children to build a foundation.

D & E Simpson 2016-17


Leah has blossomed so much under your care. We greatly value and appreciate your presence, your attentiveness, your philosophy and your approach to preschool education. We are sad to be leaving, as well as excited at the prospects for new growth and connection. You are a treasured resource for the Langdon community.

Alana Casement - 2015/16

I couldn't be happier with Peyton's progress and can't stop raving about the school. Delaney is so excited to to next year (in fact she stopped the meat manager at Safeway and sang her version of the welcome song - P has been teaching her) and I am so glad she will get to have the experience her sister had. Keep up the amazing work!

Tanya Creamer 2013/14

I wanted to thank you for this school year. We are very please with how much Will has learned and how ready he is for kindergarten next year!

Thanks a lot,

Becky - 2013/14

Hi Lori,

Gord and I wanted to thank you so much for your time and patience you and all your teachers have given Kalyssa this year. The growth that we have seen in Kalyssa is amazing! the best thing of all is that she absolutely loves school. Than you for giving her such a positive outlook on school and allowing her to gain so much confidence in her abilities. Kalyssa can't wait to go to her new school but she is concerned that she might never see you all again. We might just have to stop by for a visit. You are doing an amazing job with your pre-school and we are so privileged to have you in Langdon. Have a fabulous summer!

Lisa & Gord - 2013/14

I wanted to thank you and all your teachers for an amazing year! Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Ella bean for the last 2 years!!! The preschool you provide to our community is invaluable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart : )

Jamie - 2014/15